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Embedded implementation of image-based water-level measurement system
This paper proposes an embedded system for measuring the water level on a river using a camera. One of the main problems of using a camera in water-level measurement is that the light reflection onExpand
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Testing an additive model for the effectiveness of evidence on the persuasiveness of a message
Meta-analyses provide support for the improved persuasiveness of a message including: (a) evidence source qualification, (b) assertive evidence, and (c) statistical over narrative evidence. TheExpand
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Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea Implications for Security in Asia and Beyond
The growing tension between China and a number of countries in Southeast Asia over the contested waters of the South China Sea has become one of the biggest potential flashpoints in the region—thus,Expand
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Online Multichannel Forging Tonnage Monitoring and Fault Pattern Discrimination Using Principal Curve
Due to the late response to process condition changes. forging processes are normally exposed to a large number of defective products. To achieve online process monitoring. multichannel tonnageExpand
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DP Ellipsis as Independent Phenomena from pro in pro-drop Languages
Previous studies proposed that there is no CP ellipsis in English (Kennedy and Merchant 2000) and Korean (Ahn and Cho 2009, 2010, cf. Park 2009). In particular, Ahn and Cho (2009, 2010) suggestedExpand
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An Extended Skyline Computation Scheme for Recommendation Services m Mobile Environments
The skyline of a multidimensional data set is defined to be the subset whose elements are optimal to the user's requirements, Thus, the skyline of a multidimensional data set is very useful forExpand
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Dispatching rule for non-identical parallel machines with sequence-dependent setups and quality restrictions
This paper proposes a dispatching rule that guarantees a predetermined minimum quality level for non-identical parallel machines with multiple product types. Manufacturers are focusing on improvingExpand
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Economic and Environmental Cost Analysis of Incineration and Recovery Alternatives for Flammable Industrial Waste: The Case of South Korea
As the generation of industrial wastes increases, waste treatment is steadily becoming a serious economic and environmental issue. Existing waste has mainly been treated by landfilling afterExpand
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Intelligent adaptive process control using dynamic deadband for semiconductor manufacturing
Research highlights? This paper proposes an efficient control method to minimize process error and to reduce process variance in semiconductor manufacturing. ? The proposed methodology is the dynamicExpand
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Advanced semiconductor fabrication process control using dual filter exponentially weighted moving average
Semiconductor industry needs to meet high standards to ensure survival and success in the 21st century. Rising expectations from the customers are demanding the semiconductor industry to manufactureExpand
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