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We have studied the so-called roof collapse in soft lithography. Roof collapse is due to the adhesion between the PDMS stamp and substrate, and it may affect the quality of soft lithography. Our analysis accounts for the interactions of multiple punches and the effect of elastic mismatch between the PDMS stamp and substrate. A scaling law among the stamp(More)
A recent study finds that errors of omission are harder for programmers to detect than errors of commission. While several change recommendation systems already exist to prevent or reduce omission errors during software development, there have been very few studies on why errors of omission occur in practice and how such errors could be prevented. In order(More)
In classical result, it is known that any P 1-bundle over a nonsingular curve T can be birationally transformed to P 1-bundle over a nonsingular curve T by an elementary transformation. Here, we can ask if it is also possible in 3-fold case. In other words, is it true that any nonsingular del Pezzo fibration over a nonsingular curve can be transformed to(More)
Efforts to adapt and extend graphic arts printing techniques for demanding device applications in electronics, biotechnology and microelectromechanical systems have grown rapidly in recent years. Here, we describe the use of electrohydrodynamically induced fluid flows through fine microcapillary nozzles for jet printing of patterns and functional devices(More)
This paper presents simple scaling laws that describe the intrinsic pulsation of a liquid jet that forms at the tips of fine nozzles under electrohydrodynamically induced flows. The jet diameter is proportional to the square root of the nozzle size and inversely proportional to the electric field strength. The fundamental pulsation frequency is proportional(More)
We study properties of double covers of P 3 ramified along nodal sextic surfaces such as non-rationality, Q-factoriality, potential density, and elliptic fibration structures. We also consider some relevant problems over fields of positive characteristic. All varieties are assumed to be projective, normal, and defined over the field C unless otherwise(More)
The generation of motion of an articulated body for computer animation is an expensive and time-consuming task. Recognition of human actions and interactions is important to video annotation, automated surveillance, and content-based video retrieval. This paper presents a new model-based human-intervention-free approach to articulated body motion tracking(More)
  • Jihun Park
  • 2007
This paper deals with determining camera parameters for three dimensional scene reconstruction given an image with three known points on a single plane on the image. The problem is solved using a quaternion based set of nonlinear equations. The advantage of using quaternion is it can accelerate computation and allows us correct orientation interpolation, if(More)
Since studies based on mining software repositories sparked interests in the field of guiding software changes, many change recommendation techniques have been proposed to reduce omission errors. While these techniques only used existing software commit data sets to evaluate their effectiveness, we use the data set of supplementary patches which correct(More)