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A recent study finds that errors of omission are harder for programmers to detect than errors of commission. While several change recommendation systems already exist to prevent or reduce omission errors during software development, there have been very few studies on why errors of omission occur in practice and how such errors could be prevented. In order(More)
Efforts to adapt and extend graphic arts printing techniques for demanding device applications in electronics, biotechnology and microelectromechanical systems have grown rapidly in recent years. Here, we describe the use of electrohydrodynamically induced fluid flows through fine microcapillary nozzles for jet printing of patterns and functional devices(More)
Encoding electronic functionality into nanoscale elements during chemical synthesis has been extensively explored over the past decade as the key to developing integrated nanosystems with functions defined by synthesis. Graphene has been recently explored as a two-dimensional nanoscale material, and has demonstrated simple device functions based on(More)
The widespread use of DNA in microarrays for applications in biotechnology, combined with its promise in programmed nanomaterials assembly, unusual electronic devices, and other areas has created interest in methods for patterning DNA with high spatial resolution. Techniques based on thermal or piezoelectric inkjet printing are attractive due to their(More)
High-resolution, conformable phase masks provide a means to fabricate, in an experimentally simple manner, classes of 3D nanostructures that are technologically important but difficult to generate in other ways. In this approach, light passing through a phase mask that has features of relief comparable in dimension to the wavelength generates a 3D(More)
We have studied the so-called roof collapse in soft lithography. Roof collapse is due to the adhesion between the PDMS stamp and substrate, and it may affect the quality of soft lithography. Our analysis accounts for the interactions of multiple punches and the effect of elastic mismatch between the PDMS stamp and substrate. A scaling law among the stamp(More)
Electrohydrodynamic-inkjet-printed high-resolution complex 3D structures with multiple functional inks are demonstrated. Printed 3D structures can have a variety of fine patterns, such as vertical or helix-shaped pillars and straight or rounded walls, with high aspect ratios (greater than ≈50) and narrow diameters (≈0.7 μm). Furthermore, the formation of(More)
The development of alternative organic light-emitting diode (OLED) fabrication technologies for high-definition and low-cost displays is an important research topic as conventional fine metal mask-assisted vacuum evaporation has reached its limit to reduce pixel sizes and manufacturing costs. Here, we report an electrohydrodynamic jet (e-jet) printing(More)
  • Jihun Park
  • Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualisation…
  • 2007
This paper deals with determining camera parameters for three dimensional scene reconstruction given an image with three known points on a single plane on the image. The problem is solved using a quaternion based set of nonlinear equations. The advantage of using quaternion is it can accelerate computation and allows us correct orientation interpolation, if(More)
The value of virtual communities can be attained only when the members are willing to stay and actively exchange their knowledge or information with other members. Therefore, the aim of this study was to find the model that best explains members’ continued use intention in virtual communities. Eight major variables were identified and four alternative(More)