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Design of traction system is important to decide the dynamic configuration of high speed EMU. And one of the most important factors that determine the design of traction system is the thermal distribution of IGBT convertors. Thermal simulation of IGBT converter using a two-step methodology (temperature rise and thermal distribution) and its simulation(More)
In this paper, we propose a rank table based routing method to solve congestion and traffic balancing problem in multi-sink zigbee networks. Each node has a rank table to cache path costs and next hop addresses between itself and all the sinks. All the sinks broadcast heartbeat packets containing their load level information as path costs periodically. Each(More)
This paper discussed the development of domestic Micro-blogging and analyzed the status in the future. Moreover, it involves a number of technical difficulties encounters, including how to make further development based on the open source framework Status Net, and how to create HTML language based on object-oriented programming using PHP and how to use(More)
With the development of communication technology, every industry has change lot. The medical industry has the same trend at this time. In order to create an environment for different social department, this paper presents a new solution which PaaS is used for mobile health. In the PaaS-Platform, distributed storage and cluster technology have been used for(More)
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