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Effects of Controlled Irrigation and Drainage on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Concentrations in Paddy Water
Controlled irrigation and drainage (CID) has received attention for improving water quality. Under CID condition, water stress is frequently experienced in two contexts: first drought and then
Improving Water Productivity and ReducingNutrient Losses by Controlled Irrigationand Drainage in Paddy Fields
Controlled irrigation and drainage (CID) has received considerable attention as a reliable management practice for improving water quality and water productivity in rice production. This study aimed
Sunflower Photosynthetic Characteristics, Nitrogen Uptake, and Nitrogen Use Efficiency under Different Soil Salinity and Nitrogen Applications
Understanding salinity and fertilizer interaction is of great importance to improve crop production and fertilizer use efficiency in saline areas. To evaluate the interactive effects of different
The crop-water level response model of rice under alternate drought and waterlogging
In order to investigate the relationship between paddy rice subjected to alternate drought and waterlogging and water level, the water level was used as the index of field water status and the
Effects of Water and Nitrogen Management on Water Productivity, Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Leaching Loss in Rice Paddies
Effective water and nitrogen (N) management strategies are critical for sustainable agricultural development. Lysimeter experiments with two deep percolation rates (low percolation and high
Effects of Saline Water Irrigation and Biochar Amendment on Okra Growth and Nutrient Leaching in Coastal Saline Soils
ABSTRACT Excess soluble salts in the soil and irrigation water creates difficulties for plant growth and lowers nutrient availability in the soil. Organic ameliorants such as biochar are believed to
Effects of Soil Water Regulation on the Cotton Yield, Fiber Quality and Soil Salt Accumulation under Mulched Drip Irrigation in Southern Xinjiang, China
To optimize suitable water-saving and soil salt-controlling irrigation needed for the high yield and good quality of cotton in southern Xinjiang, a field experiment was carried out to study the