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An efficient cache placement strategy for wireless content delivery networks is devised for a novel wireless mesh content distribution network model using two independent channels for content dissemination and content access. An efficient interference metric is defined to estimate congestion in wireless environments to formulate the cache placement problem(More)
Content delivery network (CDN) with a high quality-of-service (QoS) requirement deals with three challenging problems: 1) a cache server deployment problem to determine where to locate cache servers, 2) a request routing problem to settle which cache server serves a user request, and 3) a content replication problem to decide which content is stored in a(More)
Due to explosively growing demands for mobile contents, network-assisted device-to-device (D2D) content delivery networks (CDNs) have emerged as an ancillary resource for content services. The key characteristics of the network system is that mobile devices are used as cache servers for localized content delivery via D2D communication that controlled by a(More)
Wireless content delivery networks (WCDNs) have received attention as a promising solution to reduce the network congestion caused by rapidly growing demands for mobile content. The amount of reduced congestion is intuitively proportional to the hit ratio in a WCDN. Cooperation among cache servers is strongly required to maximize the hit ratio in a WCDN(More)
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