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The models to predicate software reliability using test coverage (TC) have been widely studied in recent years. An increasing number of TC based software reliability models (TC-SRMs) have been developed. Meanwhile, to quantify the degree of effectiveness of software testing comprehensively, over ten kinds of TC measures have been proposed and each of them(More)
Transient receptor potential channels are important mediators of thermal and mechanical stimuli and play an important role in neuropathic pain. The contribution of hereditary variants in the genes of transient receptor potential channels to neuropathic pain is unknown. We investigated the frequency of transient receptor potential ankyrin 1, transient(More)
The tooth belongs to the trigeminal sensory pathway. Dental damage has been associated with impairments in the central nervous system that may be mediated by injury to the trigeminal nerve. In the present study, we investigated the effects of damage to the inferior alveolar nerve, an important peripheral nerve in the trigeminal sensory pathway, on learning(More)
Granulocytes are pivotal regulators of tissue injury. However, the transcriptional mechanisms that regulate granulopoiesis under inflammatory conditions are poorly understood. Here we show that the transcriptional coregulator B cell leukemia/lymphoma 3 (Bcl3) limits granulopoiesis under emergency (i.e., inflammatory) conditions, but not homeostatic(More)
In this paper, the hover control method of a thrust-vectoring aircraft is discussed, which is thefirst step to realize vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) as a tail-sitter. To avoid the gimbal lock problem,vertical Euler angles are used and a new calculation method of them is presented. The attitude controllerswitches between horizon mode and vertical mode,(More)