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The segmentation motor activity of the gut that facilitates absorption of nutrients was first described in the late 19th century, but the fundamental mechanisms underlying it remain poorly understood. The dominant theory suggests alternate excitation and inhibition from the enteric nervous system. Here we demonstrate that typical segmentation can occur(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the potential role of hydrogen sulphide (H(2)S) and ATP-sensitive potassium (K(ATP)) channels in chronic stress-induced colonic hypermotility. METHODS Male Wistar rats were submitted daily to 1 h of water avoidance stress (WAS) or sham WAS (SWAS) for 10 consecutive days. Organ bath recordings, H(2)S production,(More)
A multiscale coder for curves and boundaries is presented. It utilizes a multiscale structure--beamlets--that is designed primarily for linear and curvilinear features. The coder is composed of three main components: 1) a rate-distortion optimized beamlet-based representation, 2) a tree-based coding from a beamlet representation to a symbol stream, and 3)(More)
We investigate an e-commerce stages of growth model in a cross-cultural business context for small Chinese firms in New Zealand. Research findings from 14 case studies show that the Chinese owners/managers of these small firms have a high power distance, and their attitude toward e-commerce technology directly influences their firms' e-commerce growth(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Better understanding of intrinsic control mechanisms of colonic motility will lead to better treatment options for colonic dysmotility. The aim was to investigate neurogenic and myogenic control mechanisms underlying pan-colonic motor patterns. METHODS Analysis of in vitro video recordings of whole rat colon motility was used to(More)
BACKGROUND In eukaryotic cells, the genomic DNA is packed with histones to form the nucleosome and chromatin structure. Reversible acetylation of the histone tails plays an important role in the control of specific gene expression. Mounting evidence has established that histone deacetylase inhibitors selectively induce cellular differentiation, growth(More)
The effects of acetylation on gene expression are complex, with changes in chromatin accessibility intermingled with direct effects on transcriptional regulators. For the nuclear receptors, both positive and negative effects of acetylation on specific gene transcription have been observed. We report that p300 and steroid receptor coactivator 1 interact(More)
Beamlets are combined with zero-tree coding algorithm to create a new coding method, particularly suitable for lines and curves. Beamlets are a mul-tiscale collection of line segments at a range of scales, location, having a variety of lengths and orientations. The new coding scheme—named JBEAM—is more efficient—in terms of bit rates—in coding binary curvy(More)