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An earlier study in our laboratory provided evidence that pseudorabies virus (PrV) immediate early protein (IE180) may contribute to the overall immune response against PrV. To examine the response by IE180 more closely, we initiated a vaccine trial in mice with a vector DNA construct that contains the gene encoding for IE180, designated pcDNAIE180. The DNA(More)
BACKGROUND The Asian clam (Corbicula fluminea) is currently one of the most economically important aquatic species in China and has been used as a test organism in many environmental studies. However, the lack of genomic resources, such as sequenced genome, expressed sequence tags (ESTs) and transcriptome sequences has hindered the research on C. fluminea.(More)
Recently we have demonstrated, with a DNA vaccine, that the immediate early protein (IE180) of pseudorabies virus provides a moderate level of protection in mice. In order to improve its immunogenicity and protective capacity, this IE180 DNA vaccine was delivered to C3H/HeJ mice either in combination with an IL-2 expressing plasmid or complexed with(More)
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