Jihn-Chang J. Jehng

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This study was an effort to establish the construct validity of measures designed to assess topical knowledge. We began with the assumption that the best way to find out how much people know about a topic is to interview them. The interview then became the criterion for validating three paper and pencil tests of topical knowledge. Elementary and junior high(More)
Visualcode is a visual notation that uses coloured expressions and graphical environments to describe the execution of Scheme programs. RainbowScheme is a program visualization system which is designed to produce visualcode representations of step-bystep execution of Scheme programs. This article presents a new approach of teaching recursion using(More)
In conventional approaches, documents are represented by the vector whose dimensionalities are equivalent to the terms extracted from a document set. These approaches, called bag-of-term approaches, ignore the conceptual relationships between terms such as synonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms. In the past, researches have applied thesauri such as Word Net to(More)
Ð Collaborative learning of visual information with computers can be particularly beneficial for acquiring complex and abstract knowledge. This article describes a computer-supported collaborative visual learning environment called TurtleGraph that was designed to assist learners in capturing the concept of recursion as well as recursive programming skills.(More)
It is widely recognized that the Internet offers tremendous potential for education at all levels. This article describes a case study examining how an Internet communication program, EdPsy Web, which was used to support a pre-service teacher training course changed the quality of social and intellectual interactions relative to those found in a traditional(More)