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How a pool of undifferentiated neural progenitor cells is maintained in the developing nervous system is an issue that remains unresolved. One of the key transcription factors for self-renewal of these cells is Sox2, the forced expression of which has been shown to inhibit neuronal differentiation in vivo. To dissect the molecular mechanisms of Sox2(More)
Hyperactivated mTOR signaling in the developing brain has been implicated in multiple forms of pathology including tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). To date, various phenotypic defects such as cortical lamination irregularity, subependymal nodule formation, dysmorphic astrocyte differentiation and dendritic malformation have been described for patients and(More)
Here we describe characterization of chicken neuronal Per-Arnt-Sim domain 3 (NPAS3) gene during embryogenesis including examinations of expression pattern and function of the gene. RTPCR assay showed that the primary tissue of expression for this gene is the central nervous system (CNS) while RNA in situ hybridization assay confirmed that NPAS3 was(More)
We report isolation of novel splice variants of chicken Neuronal Per-Arnt-Sim domain protein 3 (cNPAS3) gene distinct from the previously predicted cNPAS3 at the 5' end. Newly identified cNPAS3 splice variants feature N-terminus coding sequences with high degrees of homology to human NPAS3 (hNAPS3). We also show that the alternative splicing pattern of(More)
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