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Subjective assessment of Quality of Experience in stereoscopic 3D requires new guidelines for the environmental setup as existing standards such as ITU-R BT.500 may no longer be appropriate. A first step is to perform cross-lab experiments in different viewing conditions on the same video sequences. Three international labs performed Absolute Category(More)
In this paper, we present a fast algorithm for country classification of banknotes. The algorithm can be used as an initial step for conventional banknote classification methods developed for a single currency in multi-country environment. We assume that the input image is a Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scan image with de-skewing and Region of Interest (ROI)(More)
Video quality monitoring has become an important issue as multimedia data is increasingly being transmitted over the Internet and wireless channels where transmission errors can frequently occur. Although no-reference models are suitable to such applications, current no-reference methods do not provide acceptable performance. In this paper, we propose an(More)
In this paper, we propose methods for shadow removal in static background environment. Accurate background subtraction is essential to detect and track various objects. Shadow and objects similar in color are major problems in background subtraction and tracking. In order to address these problems, we propose shadow removal method for background subtraction(More)
Paper checks may have complex background features including fine lines and patterns, which make forgery more difficult. Also, halftoning techniques are used to produce continuous tones and to prevent copies with void pantograph features. When these kinds of checks are scanned, Moire patterns may occur. These patterns make it difficult for customers to(More)
Most currently available 3DTV displays use either shutter glasses or polarized glasses. Each display type has distinct advantages and disadvantages. 3D display monitors with polarized glasses provide a comfortable viewing experience, but can suffer from vertical resolution loss. On the other hand, since 3D UHD display monitors are now widely available, it(More)
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