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FKBP ligand homodimers can be used to activate signaling events inside cells and animals that have been engineered to express fusions between appropriate signaling domains and FKBP. However, use of these dimerizers in vivo is potentially limited by ligand binding to endogenous FKBP. We have designed ligands that bind specifically to a mutated FKBP over the(More)
Gene therapy was originally conceived as a medical intervention to replace or correct defective genes in patients with inherited disorders. However, it may have much broader potential as an alternative delivery platform for protein therapeutics, such as cytokines, hormones, antibodies and novel engineered proteins. One key technical barrier to the(More)
The use of low molecular weight organic compounds to induce dimerization or oligomerization of engineered proteins has wide-ranging utility in biological research as well as in gene and cell therapies. Chemically induced dimerization can be used to activate intracellular signal transduction pathways or to control the activity of a bipartite transcription(More)
The total synthesis and in vitro activities of a series of chemical inducers of dimerization (CIDs) is described. The use of small-molecule CIDs to control the dimerization of engineered FKBP12-containing fusion proteins has been demonstrated to have broad utility in biological research as well as potential medical applications in gene and cell therapies.(More)
Many therapeutic uses of gene-modified cells could benefit from inclusion of a surface marker for immunoselecting transduced cells. Another desired feature is a failsafe mechanism to ablate engineered cells if required. We describe here a system that combines a cell surface tag and an inducible apoptosis mechanism in a single protein. Spencer et al. (Curr.(More)
Plant diseases are important factors as they result in serious reduction in quality and quantity of agriculture products. Therefore, early detection and diagnosis of these diseases are important. To this end, we propose a deep learning-based approach that automates the process of classifying banana leaves diseases. In particular, we make use of the LeNet(More)
In this paper we propose a new Hybrid Bat Algorithm to solve the traveling salesman problem (TSP) that has attracted many researchers applying exact and metaheuristic methods trying to solve it. The new proposed method is based on the basics of Bat Algorithm (BA) recently proposed as a new bio-inspired meta-heuristic algorithm. Accordingly, we use the(More)
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