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  • Jihai Zhang
  • 2009
Virtual Enterprise is a kind of temporary organization which is made up of many enterprises. The internal and external environments of virtual enterprises are changing incessantly. Nowadays, it is short of the normalized methods of describing this kind of organizations in uncertain environments. Role theory is used to design role view which associates with(More)
Recently, great progress has been made in sign language recognition. Most approaches are based on the Hidden Markov Model (HMM) with various features, such as motion trajectory. Recognition for sign sentences is obtained from optimal path by Viterbi algorithm, however, some wrong jumps are usually caused by transitional movements between signs. To address(More)
In this paper, we propose a new system for isolated sign language recognition (SLR) and continuous SLR. In isolated SLR, Histogram of Oriented Displacement is used to describe the trajectories, and multi-SVM is adopted for classification. In continuous SLR, we propose a Dynamic Programming method with warping templates obtained by Dynamic Time Warping (DTW)(More)
Sign language recognition(SLR) is a challenging task due to the diversity of the signs. To tackle the problem, this paper utilize both trajectory features and hand shape features. Since the trajectory features and hand shape features are not in the same domain, it is unreasonable to concatenate them naively or model them with a unified model. To deal with(More)
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