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Recently, great progress has been made in sign language recognition. Most approaches are based on the Hidden Markov Model (HMM) with various features, such as motion trajectory. Recognition for sign sentences is obtained from optimal path by Viterbi algorithm, however, some wrong jumps are usually caused by transitional movements between signs. To address(More)
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Virtual Enterprise is a kind of temporary organization which is made up of many enterprises. The internal and external environments of virtual enterprises are changing incessantly. Nowadays, it is short of the normalized methods of describing this kind of organizations in uncertain environments. Role theory is used to design role view which associates with(More)
This study developed a simple way to achieve legible and local controllable patterning for polymers based on a near-infrared (NIR) pulsed laser. The polycarbonate-coated nano antimony-doped tin oxide (nano ATO) was designed as a core-shell structure that was tailored to be responsive to a 1064 nm NIR laser. The globular morphology of polycarbonate-coated(More)
In this paper, we propose a new system for isolated sign language recognition (SLR) and continuous SLR. In isolated SLR, Histogram of Oriented Displacement is used to describe the trajectories, and multi-SVM is adopted for classification. In continuous SLR, we propose a Dynamic Programming method with warping templates obtained by Dynamic Time Warping (DTW)(More)
Propagation channel impairment caused by building scatter in fixed wireless links is investigated. The objective is the development of simple analytical and computational models for the underlying propagation channel that contributes into the statistical definition of the multipath fading environment in terms of the K-factor of a Ricean distribution. It is(More)
Optical Label Switching (OLS) has been proposed to enable more effective and flexible utilization of the capacity of WDM optical networks. Various methods of implementing this general concept have been proposed including “orthogonal” labeling [1], time-serial labeling and subcarrier multiplexing (SCM) [2]. The efficiency of conventional SCM labeling with(More)
Nowadays, with the rapid development of portable electronics, wearable electronics, LEDs, microelectronics, and bioelectronics, the fabrication of metallic circuits onto polymer substrates with strong adhesion property is an ever-increasing challenge. In this study, the high-resolution and well-defined metallic circuits were successfully prepared on the(More)
Recently, metallization on polymer substrates has been given more attention due to its outstanding properties of both plastics and metals. In this study, the metal oxide composite of copper-chromium oxide (CuO·Cr2O3) was incorporated into the polymer matrix to design a good laser direct structuring (LDS) material, and the well-defined copper pattern(More)