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MiR-122 is a liver-specific microRNA (miRNA) that plays a pivotal role in regulating hepatic functions such as lipid metabolism and stress response. The observation that hepatitis C virus (HCV) could only replicate in miR-122-positive hepatocytes led to the discovery that miR-122 is essential for HCV replication, and miR-122 is now one of the crucial host(More)
ExoU is a potent virulence factor of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and is considered a potential therapeutic target. In order to discover novel ExoU inhibitors, we screened an in-house chemical library utilizing a yeast-based screening system. Some sulfonamides displayed significant activity without nonspecific cytotoxicity. We describe a series of sulfonamides as(More)
Hematopoietic growth factors are often given for prevention of febrile neutropenia (FN), infections, and other complications by hastening neutrophil recovery in the treatment of malignancies after high dose chemotherapy (HDCT). Although several meta-analyses have already demonstrated beneficial effects of prophylactic granulocyte colony-stimulating factors(More)
Given the correlation between the deregulation of specific miRNAs and disease onset, it is critical to identify miRNA regulators that effectively control miRNAs involved in the pathogenesis of target diseases. This review provides the latest update on oligonucleotide- and small-molecule-based miRNA regulators, and discusses assays developed to screen for(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the relationship between CD28 polymorphisms, rs3116496, and cancer. DESIGN Meta-analysis. METHODS PubMed, EMBASE, Web of Science, and Cochrane library databases were searched to identify studies reporting the association between CD28 polymorphism and cancer. Two authors selected identified studies, extracted, and analyzed the data(More)
PURPOSE To determine the relationship between two CD24 polymorphisms, rs8734/rs52812045 and rs3838646, and autoimmune disease. DESIGN Meta-analysis. METHODS The Medline, EMBASE, Web of Science, and Cochrane Library databases were searched for studies reporting the association between CD24 polymorphisms and autoimmune disease. Two of the authors selected(More)
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