Jih Pin Yeh

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We propose a method to extract text information from video sequences. First the frequency of high horizontal energy in a video frame is examined to extract text blocks. Structural operations are then performed to remove the background so that the text can be extracted for later recognition. Experiments show that the method is efficient and effective for(More)
The main issue is to search for a subset of the support vector solutions produced by an SVM that forms a discriminant function best approximating the original one. The work is accomplished by giving a fitness (objective function) that fairly indicates how well the discriminant function formed by a set of selected vectors approximates the original one, and(More)
Information hiding has been an important research topic for the past several years. Techniques to solve the problem of unauthorized copying, tampering, and multimedia data delivery through the internet are urgently needed. Today’s information hiding techniques consist mainly of steganography and digital watermarking. In this paper, we shall focus on the(More)
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