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  • Jih-Fu Tu
  • 2004
Traditionally, the basic abstract of a system is described by the general static machine. If we want to model the transactions of the discrete-event system (DES), the finite state machine model does not clearly and evidently to illustrate the state transition. For illustrating and modeling a high-performance state transition system, we can use the Petri(More)
Multiprocessor system is made up of two or more main processing elements with similar capabilities running under a single operation system, and the processing elements communicate and cooperate with each other when data or control dependency. We discuss how to implement an affective multiple buses arbiter for the multiprocessor system. The arbitration of(More)
For improving the performance of processors, the most schemes are exploiting the parallelism in multiprocessors. In this paper, we proposed communication unit to implement high-speed data transmission for inter-processor with a hybrid technique, which is combination of the schemes of interrupt, queue-network, and non-blocking. In order to delicately(More)
A hybrid system, which is integrated with the fuzzy system and Petri net models. We exploit the characteristics, imprecise or ambiguous information, of fuzzy theory to map the algorithm of crisp inputs and outputs, furthermore, model problems, product a nonlinear function, and final predict the next state transition of Petri net graphs. In order to quickly(More)
The development of the world wild Web, not only changed the mankindpsilas life, but also changed the learning method. The development of the enterprise digital learning can significantly reduce the training cost; raise the employeepsilas character and the organizationpsilas competition ability. The enterprise e-learning is subjected to be valued within its(More)
The automobile industry was faced a decreasing marketing with the impact of economic crises gradually. The manufacturer need to progress for the material cost control and reduced its man hour or man power on the manufacturing process. This would make an achievement of a higher production capacity and more profit area obviously. This study was approved by(More)
  • Jih-Fu Tu
  • 2008
In this paper, we accomplished a simulator, which can be used to model the discrete event systems. This accomplished simulator is implemented based on the Petri net theory, and the transaction of Petri net is done by fuzzy inference. To verify this implemented simulation tool is a feasible, and use it to simulate a washing machine. The simulator is(More)