Jihène Malek

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We have studied the molecular basis of nervous system repair in invertebrate (Hirudo medicinalis) nerve cells. Unlike in mammals, neurons in invertebrates survive injury and regrow processes to restore the connections that they held before the damage occurred. To identify genes whose expression is regulated after injury, we have used subtractive probes,(More)
Breast cancer accounts for the second most cancer diagnoses among women and the second most cancer deaths in the world. In fact, more than 11000 women die each year, all over the world, because this disease. The automatic breast cancer diagnosis is a very important purpose of medical informatics researches. Some researches has been oriented to make(More)
Recently, numerous research works in retinal-structure analysis have been performed to analyze retinal images for diagnosing and preventing ocular diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, which is the first most common causes of vision loss in the world. In this paper, an algorithm for vessel detection in fundus images is employed. First, a denoising process(More)
expression analysis of matched ovarian primary tumors and peritoneal metastasis. Journal of translational medicine. In press. and comprehensive characterization of Mesenchyaml stem cells form human placenta and amniotic membrane and their response to osteoactivin. Stem cells Int. In press 3. number variation analysis of matched ovarian primary tumors and(More)
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