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Structure characterization of a novel polysaccharide from Dictyophora indusiata and its macrophage immunomodulatory activities.
The immunostimulating assay indicated that DP1 could significantly promote macrophage NO, TNF-α, and IL-6 secretion in murine RAW 264.7 cells involving complement receptor 3 (CR3). Expand
Intracellular antioxidant detoxifying effects of diosmetin on 2,2-azobis(2-amidinopropane) dihydrochloride (AAPH)-induced oxidative stress through inhibition of reactive oxygen species generation.
Diosmetin could significantly restore AAPH-induced increase of intracelluar antioxidant enzyme (SOD, GPx, and CAT) activities to normal levels, as well as inhibit intracellular malondialdehyde (MDA) formation. Expand
Biofunctionalization of Selenium Nanoparticle with Dictyophora Indusiata Polysaccharide and Its Antiproliferative Activity through Death-Receptor and Mitochondria-Mediated Apoptotic Pathways
A facile, single-step, first-time synthesis and in-situ functionalization strategy for the preparation of monodispersed selenium nanoparticles functionalized using a novel polysaccharide (DP1) extracted from Dictyophora indusiata is reported. Expand
Recrystallization of dihydromyricetin from Ampelopsis grossedentata and its anti-oxidant activity evaluation.
DMY treatment significantly inhibited the obvious increase of anti-oxidant enzymes levels (superoxide dismutase [SOD]; glutathione peroxidase [GPX], and catalase [CAT]) induced by AAPH radicals, suggesting that stress defense mechanisms are associated with protection of DMY against intracellular oxidation. Expand
Interaction between four flavonoids and trypsin: effect on the characteristics of trypsin and antioxidant activity of flavonoids
Summary Interaction of flavonoids and enzyme may affect characteristics and physiological activities of both components. In this study, the effects of the interaction between four flavonoidsExpand
Antimicrobial activity and action mechanism of triglycerol monolaurate on common foodborne pathogens
Abstracts Triglycerol monolaurate (TGML) was widely used as an emulsifier in food, cosmetic and other products, and was generally accepted as safe. In the study, the inhibitory activity of TGMLExpand
Preparation and Characterization of Dictyophora indusiata Polysaccharide-Zinc Complex and Its Augmented Antiproliferative Activity on Human Cancer Cells.
It is suggested that DP1-Zn can be developed as a candidate for cancer treatment and prevention, especially human breast adenocarcinoma, through induction of apoptosis. Expand
Lentinula edodes-derived polysaccharide rejuvenates mice in terms of immune responses and gut microbiota.
The results showed that L2 can restore the age-attenuated immune responses by increasing cytokine levels in peripheral blood and partly reverse theAge-altered composition of gut microbiota. Expand
Structure Activity Relationships of Flavonoids as Potent α-Amylase Inhibitors
It is demonstrated that hydroxylation in ring C and methylation of the Hydroxyl group in ring B of flavonoids may weaken the binding affinities to α-amylase. Expand
Lentinula edodes-derived polysaccharide enhances systemic and mucosal immunity by spatial modulation of intestinal gene expression in mice.
The results show that L2 significantly enhances immune responses by differentially affecting the gene expressions of small intestine, cecum and colon, in which 55, 26 and 25 genes are markedly changed, respectively. Expand