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—Load curve data refers to the electric energy consumption recorded by meters at certain time intervals at delivery points or end user points, and contains vital information for day-today operations, system analysis, system visualization, system reliability performance, energy saving and adequacy in system planning. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable that(More)
BACKGROUND Every phenotypic trait can be viewed as a "system" in which a group of interconnected components function synergistically to yield a unified whole. Once a system's components and their interactions have been delineated according to biological principles, we can manipulate and engineer functionally relevant components to produce a desirable system(More)
Gene regulation networks are composed of transcription factors, their interactions, and targets. It is of great interest to reconstruct and study these regulatory networks from genomics data. Ordinary differential equations (ODEs) are popular tools to model the dynamic system of gene regulation networks. Although the form of ODEs is often provided based on(More)
  • Nicoleta O Kolozsvari, Pepa Kaneva, Chantalle Brace, Genevieve Chartrand, Marilou Vaillancourt, Jiguo Cao +5 others
  • 2011
BACKGROUND Little evidence exists to guide educators in the best way to implement simulation within surgical skills curricula. This study investigated whether practicing a basic Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) simulator task [peg transfer (PT)] facilitates learning a more complex skill [intracorporeal suturing (ICS)] and compared the effect of PT(More)
Emergency department access block is an urgent problem faced by many public hospitals today. When access block occurs, patients in need of acute care cannot access inpatient wards within an optimal time frame. A widely held belief is that access block is the end product of a long causal chain, which involves poor discharge planning, insufficient bed(More)