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The paper discussed a new control architecture for bio-mimetic robot, hybrid control architecture combines the best aspects of reactive and deliberative control and is proven to be the most suitable controller for autonomous bio-mimetic robots. The hybrid control architecture consist a command/coordinating level with computed discrete time map-based (DTM)(More)
The paper proposes a novel Robust Discriminative Regression (RDR) to handle the partial facial landmarks invisible problem for facial landmark localization. RDR consists of multiple partial feature regressors and a regression tree combination strategy to copes with the partial invisible problem together with the optimal multi output combination problem. The(More)
Eye state estimation has a wide range of potential applications, such as human-computer interaction, driver fatigue monitoring system and facial expression recognition. The commonly used feature-based methods and motion-based methods are easy to be influenced by head pose variation or occlusion. Recently the appearance-based methods are arising. In this(More)
QESADSYS V1.0 is a cross-platform software system to evaluate the seismic acquisition data. The software is designed to provide a powerful, flexible and expandable platform for field data evaluation methods developed by Chinese geologists and engineers. A complete seismic database, a powerful visualization platform and flexible and a strong functional(More)
In this paper, we take a new look at the possibilistic c-means (PCM) and adaptive PCM (APCM) clustering algorithms from the perspective of uncertainty. This new perspective offers us insights into the clustering process, and also provides us greater degree of flexibility. We analyze the clustering behavior of PCM-based algorithms and introduce parameters σv(More)
The paper proposes a robust framework for 3D facial movement tracking in real time using a monocular camera. It is designed to estimate the 3D face pose and local facial animation such as eyelid movement and mouth movement. The framework firstly utilizes the Discriminative Shape Regression method to locate the facial feature points on the 2D image and fuses(More)