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This work reports a newly developed two-step hydrothermal method for the synthesis of monodispersed colloidal carbon spheres (CCS) under mild conditions. Using this approach, monodispersed CCS with diameters ranging from 160 to 400 nm were synthesized with a standard deviation around 8%. The monomer concentration ranging from 0.1 to 0.4 M is in favor of(More)
With provision for minishing the influence of higher-order truncation error in DDFII algorithm on the state estimation problem of transfer alignment (TA) with large misalignment angles, it developed the Iterated DDFII (IDDFII) algorithm. This algorithm applied the estimation value of state vector to linearize the nonlinear system function more times based(More)
—Thresholding is an important topic for image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision. Selecting thresholds is a critical issue for many applications. The fuzzy set theory has been successfully applied to many areas, such as control, image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, medicine, social science, etc. It is generally believed(More)
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