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—Thresholding is an important topic for image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision. Selecting thresholds is a critical issue for many applications. The fuzzy set theory has been successfully applied to many areas, such as control, image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, medicine, social science, etc. It is generally believed(More)
BACKGROUND Next-generation-sequencing (NGS) technologies combined with a classic DNA barcoding approach have enabled fast and credible measurement for biodiversity of mixed environmental samples. However, the PCR amplification involved in nearly all existing NGS protocols inevitably introduces taxonomic biases. In the present study, we developed new(More)
Crk-like (CRKL) is an adapter protein that has crucial roles in multiple biological processes, including cell proliferation, adhesion, and migration. However, the expression pattern of CRKL protein and its clinical significance in human breast cancers have not been well characterized. In this study, expression of CRKL was evaluated in 108 human invasive(More)
CARMA3 was recently reported to be overexpressed in several cancers and associated with malignant behavior of cancer cells. However, the expression pattern and biological roles of CARMA3 in breast cancer have not been reported. In the present study, we found that CARMA3 was overexpressed in 41.9 % of breast cancer specimens. Significant association was(More)
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