Jiguang Dai

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Image matching is a fundamental task in the analysis of the remote sensing data. The precision of the image matching have played an important role in the application of remote sensing images, such as three-dimensional modeling, pattern reorganization, panoramic reconstruction, super resolution, phasic analysis, etc. At present, the development of image(More)
In order to overcome the Large computation of cross correlation matching, we propose a method of quick cross correlation matching. In traditional cross correlation matching all the pixels take part in computing, so the speed of matching is slow down. In this paper, we use multi-scale edge information which was extracted by improved Laplacian pyramid(ILP) as(More)
In order to capture the details of the edge, continuous, thin and noise free, this paper describes an improved edge detection based on Laplacian pyramid. We studied the edge detection based on Laplacian Pyramid (LP edge detector) in detail, proposed Joint edge detector which is consists of the Laplacian sharpening and Laplacian pyramid. This method is(More)
BP (back propagation) neural network can be optimized through methods of sample selection GIS data aided and improving learning algorithm and so on. Experimental result shows that optimized BP neural network is an effective classification method with better self-learning, generalization, adaptive capacity and high classification accuracy.
Development of the city has uncertainty, chaos and other basic characteristics of complex systems and interacts with the natural, social, economic and other factors. Simulating the dynamic evolution of urban development has guiding significance, as we understand the rules and characteristics of urban development and institute planning of urban development.(More)
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