Jignesh Nickel

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An approach is proposed to obtain some exact explicit solutions in terms of the Weierstrass' elliptic function ℘ to a generalized Benjamin-Bona-Mahony (BBM) equation. Conditions for periodic and solitary wave like solutions can be expressed compactly in terms of the invariants of ℘. The approach unifies recently established ad-hoc methods to a certain(More)
The 3 rd Annual Non-Volatile Memories Workshop (NVMW 2012) provides a unique showcase for outstanding research on solid state, non-volatile memories. It features a " vertically integrated " program that includes presentations on devices, data encoding, systems architecture, and applications related to these exciting new data storage technologies. Last(More)
In a recent article Kengne and Liu [Phys. Rev. E 73, 026603 (2006)] have presented a number of exact elliptic solutions for a derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equation. It is the aim of this Comment to point out that all these solutions given in Secs. II and III of this article (referred to as KL in the following) are subcases of the general solution of Eq.(More)
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