Jignesh M. Solanki

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In a community-based intervention trial to reduce childhood mortality from pneumonia the intervention area included 58 villages (6176 children aged 0-4 years) and the control area 44 villages (3947 children) in Gadchiroli, India. The interventions included mass education about childhood pneumonia and case-management of pneumonia by paramedics, village(More)
Neonatal pneumonia kills about two million children a year worldwide. The World Health Organisation recommends hospitalisation of all cases of pneumonia in the first two months of infancy. In a field trial of community based management of childhood pneumonia in Gadchiroli, India, neonatal pneumonia contributed more than half of the pneumonia deaths. Parents(More)
Controlled islanding is considered to be the last countermeasure to prevent system-wide blackouts in case of cascading failures. It splits the system into self-sustained islands to maintain transient stability at the expense of possible loss of load. Generator coherence identification is critical to controlled islanding scheme as it helps identify the(More)
In this paper an isolated microgrid comprising both controllable and uncontrollable sources, such as solar, wind, diesel generator, fuel cell, aqua-electrolyser and hydrogen storage is modeled. After discussing the modeling of the power system and different generating units, two kinds of control approaches have been used and the results have been compared(More)
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