Jignashu Parikh

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Interlingua and transfer based approaches to machine translation have long been in use in competing and complimentary ways. The former proves economical in situations where translation among multiple languages is involved, while the latter is used for pair specific translation tasks. The additional attraction of an interlingua is that it can be used as a(More)
Query optimization is a computationally intensive process, especially for complex queries. We present here a tool, called PLASTIC, that can be used by query optimizers to amortize the optimization cost. Our scheme groups similar queries into clusters and uses the optimizer-generated plan for the cluster representative to execute all future queries assigned(More)
Naive Bayes classifier has long been used for text categorization tasks. Its sibling from the unsupervised world, the probabilistic mixture of multinomial models, has likewise been successfully applied to text clustering problems. Despite the strong independence assumptions that these models make, their attractiveness come from low computational cost,(More)
We present a unique approach to knowledge extraction from texts by a method of natural language analysis which preserves the predicate till the end. The system thus named Predicate Preserving Parser (PPP) performs morphological, syntactic and semantic analysis synchronously. This approach helps in highly accurate analysis of sentences. The analysis produces(More)
The Web has emerged as a huge information repository that can be used for various knowledge based applications, an important one being Question Answering (QA). The paper discusses the issues involved in using web as a knowledge base for question answering involving simple factual questions. It also proposes some simple but effective methods to adapt(More)
The performance enhancement of the edge server in Content Delivery Network is the budding area of the research in the fields of modern Information Technology and Communication Engineering so that the web users or the cloud users across the network get faster service irrespective of any geographic locations during browsing over internet and at the same time(More)
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