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BACKGROUND With 63% of US children under 5 years of age in regular child care, day-care facilities could be an important source of exposure to indoor allergens. OBJECTIVE This study examined levels of 7 indoor allergens in 89 day-care facilities in 2 North Carolina counties. METHODS At each facility, a questionnaire was administered, observations were(More)
Studies of indoor allergen exposures are often limited by the cost and logistics of sending technicians to homes to collect dust. In this study we evaluated the feasibility of having subjects collect their own dust samples. The objectives were to compare allergen concentrations between subject- and technician-collected samples and to examine the sample(More)
BACKGROUND In the first 6 months of this previously published, randomized trial, the combined intervention of occupant education, insecticide bait application, and professional cleaning significantly reduced cockroach numbers and Bla g 1 allergen levels in inner-city homes. OBJECTIVE This continuation study investigated whether the cockroach allergen(More)
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