Jigisha N. Patel

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Fast databases are a necessity in today's E-commerce environment. Information from the database has to be provided at fast rates to impatient customers, otherwise they will move on to competitors with more attentive services. Corporations needing up-to-date internal information cannot wait for long running queries that process numbers and produce detailed(More)
Anal squamous cell carcinoma is rare in the general population but certain populations, such as persons with HIV, are at increased risk. High-risk populations can be screened for anal cancer using strategies similar to those used for cervical cancer. However, little is known about the use of such screening practices across jurisdictions. Data were collected(More)
Background. Audit and feedback (A/F) reports are one of the few knowledge translation activities that can effect change in physician behavior. In this study, we pilot-tested an endoscopist A/F report to elicit opinions about the proposed report's usability, acceptability and usefulness, and implications for knowledge translation. Methods. Semi-structured(More)
In this paper an image transmission system has been proposed where Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) algorithm is used as an image coder and Rate Compatible Punctured Convolution (RCPC) channel coder is used for transmission of coded image over wireless channels (AWGN and Rayleigh fading). JPEG bit stream is partitioned into DC and AC bit streams. AC(More)
In last decade the transmission of image over wireless network has become challenging. Compressed bit stream of image/video need less storage and bandwidth but highly sensitive to propagation of errors. So error control is an important technique in image/video transmission. This paper proposed multilayered bit stream of JPEG coded image transmission through(More)