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A mobile ad hoc network suffers from the same cost constraints as most wireless networks. In particular bandwidth constraints of wireless links are severe. We present a scalable adaptive fitness-based routing protocol, SAFAR, for mobile ad hoc networks in which we try to optimize the usage of this bandwidth at every stage. The protocol is hybrid, i.e. it(More)
Oral habits in form of digit/thumb sucking are common phenomenon and part of childhood behavior. They are normally associated with oral pleasure, hunger, anxiety, and sometimes psychological disturbances. Chronic practice can cause major orthopedic alterations to the skeletal structures of the oral cavity and lower face. Aversive approaches in form of(More)
We examine the problem of visual scene understanding and abstraction from first person video. This is an important prob-ion from first person video. This is an important problem and successful approaches would enable complex scene characterization tasks that go beyond classification, for example characterization of novel scenes in terms of previously(More)
This work addresses the problems of sending live media, in the form of audio and video over heterogenous networks. Specifically we address streaming multiple video streams in a wireless network and streaming audio in a multi-video tele-immersive environment. In the wireless domain, we explore the use of a user level Bandwidth Manager as QoS control to aid(More)
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