Jifu Zhang

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Traditional outlier mining methods identify outliers from a global point of view. These methods are inefficient to find locally-biased data points (outliers) in low dimensional subspaces. Constrained concept lattices can be used as an effective formal tool for data analysis because constrained concept lattices have the characteristics of high constructing(More)
Association rule mining, in which generating frequent patterns is a key step, is an effective way of identifying inherent and unknown interrelationships between characteristics of celestial spectra data and its physicochemical properties. In this study, we first make use of the first-order predicate logic to represent knowledge derived from celestial(More)
—The diagnosability of a system is defined as the maximum number of faulty processors that the system can guarantee to identify, which plays an important role in measuring of the reliability of multiprocessor systems. In the work of Peng et al. in 2012, they proposed a new measure for fault diagnosis of systems, namely, g-good-neighbor conditional(More)
— 1 With the ever-growing cooling costs of large-scale data centers, thermal management must be adequately addressed. Thermal models can play a critical role in thermal management that helps in reducing cooling costs in data centers. However, existing thermal models for data centers can overload I/O activities. To address this issue, we developed an(More)