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On-orbit assembly of space structures has long been considered as a means of enabling the construction of large space platforms. An adaptive ant colony algorithm approach is presented to generate optimal sequences for on-orbit assembly planning of large space truss structures. The assembly sequences are considered from two levels: strut level and structural(More)
The control system of missile formation flight is described. In this paper, the missile formation flight controller and BTT intelligence missile outer-loop controller are interested. A combination of proportion and differential control of the position error is used in the designing of the missile formation flight controller to generate the control command(More)
This paper describes the adaptive extended Kalman filtering which is applied to low-cost MEMS IMU/GPS integration. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are versatile flying machine capable of handling both military and civilian missions. The availability of low-cost MEMS IMU has made it possible to construct inexpensive, integrated systems for usage in UAV(More)
Because of the size and complexity of large space truss structures and multiple space robots environment, on-orbit assembly requires careful planning. An ant colony algorithm-based approach is applied to generate optimal assembly sequences of large space truss structures. The inherent hierarchical nature of large space truss structures allows assembly(More)
Atmospheric skip-entry trajectories are designed for the Lunar-return missions for new vehicles with low-lift-to-drag L/D ratios. Moreover, modern requirements, such as the diverse option of downrange, call for flexibility for long ranges. In case of a low L\D vehicle, a controlled skip would be necessary to obtain such requirements. The guidance precision(More)
Mixed motion planning algorithm based on randomized sampling-based motion planning for multiple autonomous on-orbit servicing spacecrafts with impulse thrust in a complicated space environment and explicit equations are studied. The planner satisfies the requirement of autonomous spacecraft maneuvering with complex constraints. The results show that this(More)
Because of characteristics of maneuvering in close of on-orbit servicing spacecraft, the motion planning algorithm needs to satisfy the requirements of real time, rapidity and adaptability. Analysis the characteristics of rapidly-exploring random trees algorithm based on randomized motion planning, apply the state transition matrix to compute relative(More)