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OBJECTIVE Betatrophin, a newly identified hormone, has been recently characterized as a potent stimulator that increases the production and expansion of insulin-secreting β-cells in mice, but the physiological role of betatrophin remains poorly understood. This study measured for the first time serum betatrophin levels in newly diagnosed patients with type(More)
Nowadays, Floating Car Data (FCD), which is becoming an important way to acquire traffic information, has been widely taken to estimate speed or travel time on road. In this paper, we introduce the concept of outlier mining into Automatic Incident Detection (AID) based on FCD and propose a novel AID approach on urban arterial road. According to the(More)
The fuzzy adaptive PID control system is developed for the biomass boiler due to the new problems brought by the biomass fuel. The fuzzy adaptive PID control algorithm has been deeply researched. By comparing it with the normal PID control algorithm about the reaction to the interference signals, the writer of the paper draws the conclusion that the(More)
a method based on adaptive sliding mode variable structure controller is presented for synchronization of a class of chaotic system with perturbations and parameter mismatch. The controller is more robust to perturbations, parameter mismatch and inputs sector nonlinearity. Moreover, no restrictive assumption is imposed on the system. Thus the adaptation(More)
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