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AIM OF THE STUDY TBL-II is the water extract of an anti-arthritic Chinese herbal formula Tongbiling (TBL), which has been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for many years. We herein aimed to confirm its anti-arthritic effect and explore the potential mechanism of action on collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) in mice. MATERIALS AND METHODS Four weeks(More)
Word pairs, which are one of the most easily accessible features between two text segments, have been proven to be very useful for detecting the discourse relations held between text segments. However, because of the data sparsity problem, the performance achieved by using word pair features is limited. In this paper, in order to overcome the data sparsity(More)
Recently, there is rising interest in modelling the interactions of text pair with deep neural networks. In this paper, we propose a model of deep fusion LSTMs (DF-LSTMs) to model the strong interaction of text pair in a recursive matching way. Specifically, DF-LSTMs consist of two interdependent LSTMs, each of which models a sequence under the influence of(More)
Recently, there is rising interest in modelling the interactions of two sentences with deep neural networks. However, most of the existing methods encode two sequences with separate encoders, in which a sentence is encoded with little or no information from the other sentence. In this paper, we propose a deep architecture to model the strong interaction of(More)
The problem of representing large-scale networks with low-dimensional vectors has received considerable attention in recent years. Except the networks that include only vertices and edges, a variety of networks contain information about groups or communities. For example, on Facebook, in addition to users and the follower-followee relations between them,(More)
In this paper, the design, analysis and fabrication of a quadruped wall-climbing robot is presented. Inspired by the climbing gaits of geckos, the robot has kinematics similar to a gecko's motion. Unlike geckos stick on the wall surface with Van del Waals force, the robot is based on electrostatic adhesion force induced by a specifically designed(More)
Semantic interaction between text segments, which has been proven to be very useful for detecting the paraphrase relations, is often ignored in the study of paraphrase identification. In this paper, we adopt a neural network model for paraphrase identification, called as bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory-Gated Relevance Network (BiLSTM+GRN). According to(More)
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