Jieyong Wang

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To prevent environmental degradation, China’s central government launched the “Grain for Green Project” (GGP) in 1999. Since its beginning, the effects and influences of the GGP have been hotly debated among domestic and international scholars and policymakers. This paper is taking the County of Yanchuan in the Loess Plateau as a case study, examines the(More)
To evaluate whether through gene transfer, which growth hormone (GH) isoform can influence the circulation IGFBP-3 level, mice were injected three times with the human cytomegalovirus (CMV) mediated mammalian expression vector encoding different GH isoform gene. Then blood samples were drawn and the ELISA method was used to determine the circulation(More)
Although the world has experienced rapid urbanization, rural areas have always been and are still an important research field in human geography. This paper performed a bibliometric analysis on rural geography studies based on the peer-reviewed articles concerning rural geography published in the SSCI-listed journals from 1990 to 2012. Our analysis examines(More)
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