Jieying Liu

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Lipoxygenases (LOXs) are a class of non-heme iron-containing dioxygenases that catalyse oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids to produce hydroperoxidation that are in turn converted to oxylipins. Although multiple isoforms of LOXs have been detected in several plants, LOXs in oriental melon have not attracted much attention. Two full-length LOX cDNA(More)
The gas pipelines usually undergo complicated and changeable regional environment. As the level of the potential difference or pipeline's route changes in the space and therefore elastic bending cannot meet the needs when pipe changes its direction, we generally use pipe bend to connect two pipelines with different spatial extend direction during the pipe(More)
Optical metasurfaces consisting of single-layer nanostructures have immensely promising applications in wavefront control because they can be used to arbitrarily manipulate wave phase, and polarization. However, anomalous refraction and reflection waves have not yet been simultaneously and asymmetrically generated, and the limited efficiency and bandwidth(More)
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