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Triangle sail mussel (Hyriopsis cumingii) is the most important mussel species commercially exploited for freshwater pearl culture in China. Its genetic diversity was studied among populations from the five largest freshwater lakes of China, Poyang Lake (PY), Dongting Lake (DT), Taihu Lake (TH), Hongze Lake (HZ), and Chaohu Lake (CH), by the polymorphism of(More)
High dimensionality has been a major problem for gene array-based cancer classification. It is critical to identify marker genes for cancer diagnoses. We developed a framework of gene selection methods based on previous studies. This paper focuses on optimal search-based subset selection methods because they evaluate the group performance of genes and help(More)
One of the most important goals of biological investigation is to uncover gene functional relations. In this study we propose a framework for extraction and integration of gene functional relations from diverse biological data sources, including gene expression data, biological literature and genomic sequence information. We introduce a two-layered Bayesian(More)
Visualizing the intellectual structure of scientific domains using co-cited units such as references or authors has become a routine for domain analysis. In previous studies, paper-reference matrices are usually transformed into reference-reference matrices to obtain co-citation relationships, which are then visualized in different representations,(More)