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A quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) model of angiotensin-converting enzyme- (ACE-) inhibitory peptides was built with an artificial neural network (ANN) approach based on structural or activity data of 58 dipeptides (including peptide activity, hydrophilic amino acids content, three-dimensional shape, size, and electrical parameters), the(More)
The use of Catechin as an antibacterial agent is becoming ever-more common, whereas unstable and easy oxidation, have limited its application. A simple and low-energy-consuming approach to synthesize highly stable and dispersive Catechin-Cu nanoparticles(NPs) has been developed, in which the stability and dispersivity of the NPs are varied greatly with the(More)
An optical sensor system, namely NIR laser scatter imaging system, was developed for rapid and noninvasive classification of foodborne pathogens. This developed system was used for images acquisition. The current study is focused on exploring the potential of this system combined with multivariate calibrations in classifying three categories of popular(More)
How to identify apple stem-ends and calyxes from defects is still a challenging project due to the complexity of the process. It is know that the stem-ends and calyxes could not appear at the same image. Therefore, a contaminated apple distinguishing method is developed in this article. That is, if there are two or more doubtful blobs on an apple's image,(More)
The cherry tomatoes online sorting according to their maturity is an important procedure after harvest. This research proposed an automated cherry tomato grading system base on machine vision. Three images of different angles are obtained from each cherry tomato, allowing the inspection of approximately 90% of the fruit surface. 9 features were extracted(More)
Fuzzy c-means (FCM) clustering is based on minimizing the fuzzy within cluster scatter matrix trace but FCM neglects the between cluster scatter matrix trace that controls the distances between the class centroids. Based on the principle of cluster centers separation, fuzzy cluster centers separation (FCCS) clustering is an extended fuzzy c-means (FCM)(More)
On the common systems, the fruits placed on rollers are rotating while moving, they are observed from above by one camera. In this case, the parts of the fruit near the points where the rotation axis crosses its surface (defined as rotational poles) are not observed. Most researchers did not consider how to manage several images representing the whole(More)
Nowadays the quality inspect of soft capsules is mainly by manual. Despite the intensive of this work, the accuracy of inspection by manual is very low. This paper proposed soft capsules online sorting system based on machine vision. The inspection process are following: (1) soft capsules were placed on rollers are rotating while moving. The image of each(More)
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