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The Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP) has been proposed recently in order to enable sockets based applications to take advantage of the enhanced features provided by InfiniBand Architecture. In this paper, we study the benefits and limitations of an implementation of SDP. We first analyze the performance of SDP based on a detailed suite of micro-benchmarks.(More)
It has been well acknowledged in the research community that in order to provide or design a data-center environment which is efficient and offers high performance, one of the critical issues that needs to be addressed is the effective reuse of cache content stored away from the origin server. In the current web, many cache eviction policies and uncachable(More)
It is crucial to minimize virtualization overhead for virtual machine deployment. The conventional ×86 CPU is incapable of classical trap-and-emulate virtualization, leading that paravirtualization was the optimal virtualization strategy formerly. Since architectural extensions are introduced to support classical virtualization, hardware assisted(More)
The phenomenal growth and popularity of cluster-based multi-tier data-centers has not been accompanied by a system-wide understanding of the various resources and their deployment strategies. Typical data-center workloads have a wide range of characteristics. They vary from high to low temporal locality (Zipf coefficient), large documents to small documents(More)
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