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Complete formal verification of a non-trivial concurrent OS kernel is widely considered a grand challenge. We present a novel compositional approach for building certified concurrent OS kernels. Concurrency allows interleaved execution of kernel/user modules across different layers of abstraction. Each such layer can have a different set of observable(More)
In object-oriented languages, overloaded methods with multiple dispatch extend the functionality of existing classes, and multiple inheritance allows a class to reuse code in multiple classes. However, both multiple dispatch and multiple inheritance introduce the possibility of ambiguous method calls that cannot be resolved at run time. To guarantee no(More)
Object-oriented languages with multiple dispatch and multiple inheritance provide rich expressiveness but statically and modularly checking programs in such languages to guarantee that no ambiguous calls can occur at run time has been a difficult problem. We present a core calculus for Fortress, which provides various language features—notably functional(More)
This paper introduces the experimental results of sloshing model tests carried out at Seoul National University. Two 1/50-scale tanks, i.e., 2D and 3D models with the same shape, were manufactured for the comparative study. Particular interest was taken in the differences in impact pressures between the 2D and 3D models. Regular motion tests were conducted(More)
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