Jieun Yoo

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Numerous studies suggest an essential role for the intermediate (IRt) and parvocellular (PCRt) reticular formation (RF) in consummatory ingestive responses. Although the IRt and PCRt contain a large proportion of neurons with projections to the oromotor nuclei, these areas of the RF are heterogeneous with respect to neurotransmitter phenotypes.(More)
Although hypoxia is known to affect membrane excitability of various neurons by various mechanisms, the effects of hypoxia on substantia gelatinosa (SG) neurons have not yet been elucidated. In whole-cell or perforated patch-clamp recordings from SG neurons, we showed that acute hypoxia induces a reversible hyperpolarization of -6.1+/-1.3 mV of the resting(More)
Previous findings on the relationship between neighborhood informal social control and child abuse have been mixed. We implemented a scale created by Emery, Trung, and Wu to study protective informal social control of child maltreatment (ISC_CM) by neighbors in a three-stage random cluster sample of 541 families in Seoul, South Korea. Random-effects(More)
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