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Windows Azure Storage (WAS) is a cloud storage system that provides customers the ability to store seemingly limitless amounts of data for any duration of time. WAS customers have access to their data from anywhere at any time and only pay for what they use and store. In WAS, data is stored durably using both local and geographic replication to facilitate(More)
Although InfiniBand Architecture is relatively new in the high performance computing area, it offers many features which help us to improve the performance of communication subsystems. One of these features is Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) operations. In this paper, we propose a new design of MPI over InfiniBand which brings the benefit of RDMA to not(More)
In this paper, we present a comprehensive performance comparison of MPI implementations over Infini-Band, Myrinet and Quadrics. Our performance evaluation consists of two major parts. The first part consists of a set of MPI level micro-benchmarks that characterize different aspects of MPI implementations. The second part of the performance evaluation(More)
I/O is quickly emerging as the main bottleneck limiting performance in modern day clusters. The need for scalable parallel I/O and file systems is becoming more and more urgent. In this paper, we examine the feasibility of leveraging InfiniBand technology to improve I/O performance and scalability of cluster file systems. We use Parallel Virtual File System(More)
Today's distributed and high-performance applications require high computational power and high communication performance. Recently, the computational power of commodity PCs has doubled about every 18 months. At the same time, network interconnects that provide very low latency and very high bandwidth are also emerging. This is a promising trend in building(More)
The Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP) had been proposed recently in order to enable sockets based applications to take advantage of the enhanced features provided by InfiniBand architecture. In this paper, we study the benefits and limitations of an implementation of SDP. We first analyze the performance of SDP based on a detailed suite of micro-benchmarks.(More)
Noncontiguous I/O access is the main access pattern in many scientific applications. Noncontiguity exists both in access to files and in access to target memory regions on the client. This characteristic imposes a requirement of native noncontiguous I/O access support in cluster file systems for high performance. In this paper, we address two main issues on(More)
This paper describes a methodology for efficiently implementing the collective operations, in this case the barrier, on clusters with the emerging InfiniBand Architecture (IBA). IBA provides hardware level support for the Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) message passing model as well as the multicast operation. Exploiting these features of InfiniBand to(More)
One of the major challenges in parallel computing over large scale clusters is fast and scalable process startup, which typically can be divided into two phases: process initiation and connection setup. In this paper, we characterize the startup of MPI programs in InfiniBand clusters and identify two startup scalability issues: serialized process initiation(More)