Jieshan Lu

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Real-time heuristic search methods are used by situated agents in applications that require the amount of planning per move to be independent of the problem size. Such agents plan only a few actions at a time in a local search space and avoid getting trapped in local minima by improving their heuristic function over time. We extend a wide class of real-time(More)
Learning real-time search, which interleaves planning and acting, allows agents to learn from multiple trials and respond quickly. Such algorithms require no prior knowledge of the environment and can be deployed without pre-processing. We introduce Prioritized-LRTA* (P-LRTA*), a learning real-time search algorithm based on Prioritized Sweeping. P-LRTA*(More)
We explore the task of designing an efficient multi-agent system that is capable of capturing a single moving target, assuming that every agent knows the location of all agents on a fixed known graph. Many existing approaches are subop-timal as they do not coordinate multiple pursuers and are slow as they re-plan each time the target moves, which makes them(More)
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