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The pattern and timing of a normal breath in unanesthetized mice was analyzed from measurement of inspiratory and expiratory airflows (VI and VE). Airflow was measured via a differential pressure transducer, attached to a pneumotachograph, which itself was attached to a body plethysmograph into which a mouse was placed. The analog voltage from the(More)
Sister-chromatid exchange (SCE) induction by the direct-acting bifunctional carcinogen, diepoxybutane (DEB), was investigated in multiple tissues in vivo. The log-log dose SCE response relationship was found to be parallel to that previously reported for DEB induction of lung adenomas. However, the SCE assay is approximately 20 times as sensitive in(More)
We have attempted to define a just detectable effect (JDE) for three different types of reactions along the respiratory tract: (a) sensory irritation of the upper airways (S), (b) airflow limitation along the conducting airways (A), and (c) pulmonary irritation at the alveolar level (P1 or P). Each type of reaction, S, A, P1 or P, was recognized by(More)
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