Jieqiong Zhao

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We present VASA, a visual analytics platform consisting of a desktop application, a component model, and a suite of distributed simulation components for modeling the impact of societal threats such as weather, food contamination, and traffic on critical infrastructure such as supply chains, road networks, and power grids. Each component encapsulates a(More)
We present TimeFork, an interactive prediction technique to support users predicting the future of time-series data, such as in financial, scientific, or medical domains. TimeFork combines visual representations of multiple time series with prediction information generated by computational models. Using this method, analysts engage in a back-and-forth(More)
Social navigation enables emergent collaboration between independent collaborators by exposing the behavior of each individual. This is a powerful idea for web-based visualization, where the work of one user can inform other users interacting with the same visualization. We present results from a crowdsourced user study evaluating the value of such social(More)