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Recently, we have demonstrated that DAN gene product exhibits a tumor-suppressive activity in vitro. We report here the cloning and sequencing of a mouse DAN cDNA that contains the entire coding region. Sequence analysis revealed that mouse DAM cDNA is 1691 nucleotides in length and contains an open reading frame of 178 amino acids. The deduced mouse DAN(More)
Degradation of cyclin B was effectively suppressed when cells were treated with ALLN (N-acetylleucylleucylnorleucinal) which inhibits proteasome, calpain and cysteine proteinase cathepsins. In order to examine which protease degrades cyclin B, the effect of a cathepsin inhibitor, cystatin alpha, was investigated. The cystatin alpha gene was inserted into an(More)
To investigate the inhibition effect of Ganoderma applanatum extract (GAEAE) on human gastric cancer cell lines and apoptosis mechanism, Alamar Blue assay was used to assess the inhibition and apoptosis-inducing effect of the GAEAE on proliferation of SGC-7901 cells, the DNA ladders of the apoptosis cells was done, the mRNA expression of p53, Bax, Bcl-2 and(More)
The flavonoid-rich extract from Paulownia fortunei flowers (EPF) has been reported to prevent obesity and other lipid metabolism disease. However, the mechanism of its protective effects is not yet clear. The objective of this study was to investigate molecular factors involved in the hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of EPF in obese mice fed a(More)
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