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Tritium supply assessment for ITER and DEMOnstration power plant
Abstract The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) and next generation DEMOnstration fusion reactor need amounts of tritium for test/initial startup and will consume kilogramsExpand
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A fusion-driven subcritical system concept based on viable technologies
A fusion-driven hybrid subcritical system (FDS) concept has been designed and proposed as spent fuel burner based on viable technologies. The plasma fusion driver can be designed based on relativelyExpand
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Conceptual design of the fusion-driven subcritical system FDS-I
Abstract The fusion-driven subcritical system (named FDS-I) was previously proposed as an intermediate step toward the final application of fusion energy. A conceptual design of the FDS-I isExpand
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Dynamic evaluation of environmental impact due to tritium accidental release from the fusion reactor.
As one of the key safety issues of fusion reactors, tritium environmental impact of fusion accidents has attracted great attention. In this work, the dynamic tritium concentrations in the air andExpand
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Conceptual design of lead cooled reactor for hydrogen production
Abstract Hydrogen is considered as the most potential energy carrier in the near future and can be produced from nuclear energy by several means. Lead-based reactor is one of the advance reactors inExpand
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Preliminary analysis of public dose from CFETR gaseous tritium release
Abstract To demonstrate tritium self-sufficiency and other engineering issues, the scientific conception of Chinese Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR) has been proposed in China parallel withExpand
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Effects of yoga on patients with chronic nonspecific neck pain
Background: Chronic nonspecific neck pain (CNNP) has a high prevalence and is more common among younger people. Clinical practice suggests that yoga is effective in relieving chronic pain.Expand
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Neutronics analysis of water-cooled energy production blanket for a fusion–fission hybrid reactor
Abstract Neutronics calculations were performed to analyse the parameters of blanket energy multiplication factor (M) and tritium breeding ratio (TBR) in a fusion–fission hybrid reactor for energyExpand
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Neutronics Analysis and Optimization for Fusion Driven Subcritical Spent Fuel Burning System
Neutronics analysis and optimization including general performances, burnup calculation analysis, materials activation characteristic and irradiation damage analysis of blanket for fusion drivenExpand
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Neutronics performance evaluation of fast-fission fuel breeding blankets for a fusion–fission hybrid reactor
An investigation was conducted to evaluate the range of performance of several kinds of fast-fission natural uranium blankets adopted different fuel forms: oxide form, carbide form, nitride form, andExpand
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