Jieqing Yu

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There are hundreds of spatial reference frame (SRF) being applied, and the great difference among SRFs has blocked the share of global data on planet Earth. A conceptual spheroid of radius 12,800km and a spheroid degenerated octree grid method are applied to produce an earth system spatial grid (ESSG), which is of natural characteristics to be applied as a(More)
Representation on the variation of Earth system phenomenon is important to Earth System Science research. However, owing to the complexity and unnecessary transformation, mathematic models are not good method to represent the variations of earth system phenomena. Grid-based models can overcome the shortcomings well. But the grid in used is not perfect(More)
In consideration of the serious loss of floods in our country, this paper established the method for assessing the water depth and duration of flood referring to the venerability curve of hazard bearing body, based on the concept of rapid flood loss assessment and from the perspective of regional disaster system theory. A model of rapid assessment on the(More)
An efficient data sharing system is vital to Earth System Science (ESS) researches. However, current systems mainly focus on standards, policies and software environments. None of them pay much attention to spatial references. Adaptable Global Spatial Grid (AGSG), was selected as a unified spatial reference for data sharing. Methods of data representation(More)
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