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Interdecadal changes in the relationship between Southern China winter-spring precipitation and ENSO
Winter-spring precipitation in southern China tends to be higher (lower) than normal in El Niño (La Niña) years during 1953–1973. The relationship between the southern China winter-springExpand
Influences of northward propagating 25–90-day and quasi-biweekly oscillations on eastern China summer rainfall
The present study reveals that rainfall anomalies associated with the 25–90-day (quasi-biweekly) tropical convective activity propagates northward (northwestward) into northern China (the YangtzeExpand
Factors for Interannual Variations of September-October Rainfall in Hainan, China
The present study investigates the year-to-year variations of September‐October rainfall in Hainan, China, for the period 1965‐2010. The dominant circulation anomalies feature a cyclone (anExpand
Precipitation-surface temperature relationship in the IPCC CMIP5 models
Precipitation and surface temperature are two important quantities whose variations are closely related through various physical processes. In the present study, we evaluated theExpand
Research progress on the anticancer effects of vitamin K2
Evidence is summarized stating that treatment with VK2 could positively inhibit the growth of cancer cells, making it a potentially useful approach for the prevention and clinical treatment of cancer. Expand
Inhibition of human gastric carcinoma cell growth in vitro and in vivo by cladosporol isolated from the paclitaxel-producing strain Alternaria alternata var. monosporus.
The findings suggest that cladosporol has potentially useful growth inhibitory effects on human gastric carcinoma cell lines and antitumor activity in nude mice bearing MGC-803 gastric cancer xenografts. Expand
An interdecadal change in the intensity of interannual variability in summer rainfall over southern China around early 1990s
The intensity of interannual variability (IIV) in southern China (SC) summer rainfall experienced a remarkable increase in early 1990s, concurrent with the interdecadal increase in SC summerExpand
Remote impact of North Atlantic sea surface temperature on rainfall in southwestern China during boreal spring
As an important oceanic signal, the North Atlantic sea surface temperature (SST) affects not only the climate variability over East China and Northeast China but also can affect climate variabilityExpand
Interdecadal change in the summer SST-precipitation relationship around the late 1990s over the South China Sea
An interdecadal change in the air-sea interaction over the South China Sea (SCS) after the late 1990s has been identified using a local contemporaneous precipitation-sea surface temperature (SST) andExpand
Evaluation of the antitumor effects of vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7) nanoemulsions modified with sialic acid-cholesterol conjugate
VK2 exerted effective antitumor effects in vivo, and VK2 nanoemulsions modified with sialic acid–cholesterol conjugate enhanced the antitumors activity, suggesting that these VK2 may be promising agents for the prevention or treatment of tumor in patients. Expand