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System logs are widely used in various tasks of software system management. It is crucial to avoid logging too little or too much. To achieve so, developers need to make informed decisions on where to log and what to log in their logging practices during development. However, there exists no work on studying such logging practices in industry or helping(More)
Logging is a common programming practice of practical importance to collect system runtime information for postmortem analysis. Strategic logging placement is desired to cover necessary runtime information without incurring unintended consequences (<i>e.g.</i>, performance overhead, trivial logs). However, in current practice, there is a lack of rigorous(More)
Web service recommendation is of great importance when users face a large number of functionally-equivalent candidate services. To recommend Web services that best fit a user's need, QoS values which characterize the non-functional properties of those candidate services are in demand. But in reality, the QoS information of Web service is not easy to obtain,(More)
With the rapid growth of Web services in recent years, the optimal service selection from functionally-equivalent service candidates has become more critical for building high quality service-oriented systems. To provide accurate QoSvalues for service selection, user-side QoS prediction thus becomes an important research problem. Although collaborative(More)
The rising popularity of service-oriented architecture to construct versatile distributed systems makes Web service recommendation and composition a hot research topic. It's a challenge to design accurate personalized QoS prediction approaches for Web service recommendation due to the unpredictable Internet environment and the sparsity of available(More)
With the prevalence of service computing and cloud computing, more and more services are emerging on the Internet, generating huge volume of data, such as trace logs, QoS information, service relationship, etc. The overwhelming service-generated data become too large and complex to be effectively processed by traditional approaches. How to store, manage,(More)
QoS-based Web service recommendation has recently gained much attention for providing a promising way to help users find high-quality services. To facilitate such recommendations, existing studies suggest the use of collaborative filtering techniques for personalized QoS prediction. These approaches, by leveraging partially observed QoS values from users,(More)
With the significant prevalence of cloud computing, more and more data centers are built to host and deliver various online services. However, a key challenge faced by service providers is how to scale their applications into geo-distributed data centers to improve application performance as well as minimizing the operational cost. While most existing(More)