Jiemin Cheng

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Laboratory incubation experiments were conducted to examine the effect of earthworm (Pheretima sp.) activity on soil pH, zinc (Zn) fractionation and N mineralization in three soils. No Zn uptake by earthworms was observed. Zinc addition decreased pH of red soil (soil 1) and hydragric paddy soil (soil 3) by 0.5 and 0.2 unit, respectively, but had no effect(More)
Farm soil and artificial soil were mixed separately with Pb/Zn mine tailings and placed in the ratios (w/w) of 0, 12.5, 25, and 50% in pots, together with 0.33 g KH2PO4 and 0.35 g urea/pot. Each pot contained 15 ryegrass seedlings (Lolium multiflorum) and 7 earthworms (Pheretima sp.). At the end of the experiment (after the third harvests of ryegrass), the(More)
By the methods of incubation test and Hedley's phosphorus fractionation, this paper studied the effects of inoculating earthworm (Pheretinma pingi) on the phosphorus fractions and available phosphorus contents in red soil. The results showed that during a 100-day incubation, earthworm inoculation combined with organic materials (rice straw RS, peanut(More)
Batch experiments were conducted to evaluate fluoride removal by Al, Fe, and Ti-based coagulants and adsorbents, as well as the effects of coexisting ions and formation of aluminum-fluoride complexes on fluoride removal by co-precipitation with alum (Al2(SO4)3·18H2O). Aluminum sulfate was more efficient than the other coagulants for fluoride removal in the(More)
A La(3+)-modified activated alumina (La-AA) adsorbent was prepared for effective removal of fluoride from water. The surface properties of adsorbent were characterized with zeta potential analysis, SEM-EDS and EXAFS. Batch and column experiments were conducted to evaluate improvement of F(-) removal by the La-AA. SEM/EDS and EXAFS analyses determined the(More)
Estimation of decadal accumulation of some heavy metals in surface rice soils from the Tai Lake region, southern Jiangsu Province, China was made by means of calculating the monitoring data and/or analysis data of the archived soil samples. For the last decade, the estimated annual accumulation rate for Cu or Zn, Pb and Cd was 0.3-1 mg.(kg.a)-1, 0.2-1(More)
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