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Mining association rules from databases has attracted great interest because of its potentially very practical applications. Given a database, the problem of interest is how to mine association rules (which could describe patterns of consumers' behaviors) in an efficient and effective way. The databases involved in today's business environment can be very(More)
— Wireless sensor networks where nodes operate on batteries so that energy consumption must be minimized are considered. We analyze the power consumptions for multi-hops communication with non-regenerative relays that can only amplify the received signal without decoding and coding it. For energy-constrained systems, the transmitter efficiency, relay(More)
In this paper, the performance analysis for a dual-hop Amplify-and-Forward relaying network is extended to the context of impulse radio ultra-wideband. Due to multiple accesses,the interference distribution is not Gaussian. We propose a symmetric α-stable model compatible with the impulsive nature due to its heavy tailed distribution. Taking advantage(More)
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